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Safe management of eSIM Remote Provisioning, for consumer scenarios and M2M applications. This solution allows you to remotely administer the download and remote management of eSIM profiles according to the standards specified by GSMA and SIMAlliance.

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Mercurius® - Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Platform

RSP is a set of GSMA specifications that define how the activation/programming process of the remote "Subscriber Identification Module" should work. This specification aims to simplify many processes in the lifecycle of Consumer services (smartphones, tablets, wearable devices) or an M2M service.


Subscription Manager - Secure Routing

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RSP consumer: SM-DP+

Subscription Manager – Data Preparation and Profile Delivery

RSP - key concepts and components

Mercurius® - RSP Platform is aimed at the Remote Provisioning of eSIM. The platform offers a modular and scalable solution conforming to GSMA standards. It fulfills the functions of Profile Template preparation, eSIM customization (Data Preparation), download, and management of the eSIM Profile (Profile Management), both in consumer and M2M scenarios.

What is an eUICC?

An eUICC is a microprocessor programmed with an operating system that allows, in a safe and reliable way, to remotely download a software (bytecode) containing the image of a Virtual SIM (an eSIM profile), install and run it, reproducing the virtual image of the SIM on the device where the microprocessor is soldered.

What is a Profile Template?

A Profile Template is the image of a Removable SIM represented in a meta-language that describes all its functional and application components. The metalanguage used is asn1.

What is an eSIM Profile?

An eSIM profile (or, more simply, eSIM) is the bytecode that is obtained starting from the Profile Template in asn1 format, after having it customized with all the necessary information to allow the eUICC operating system to reproduce the specific information of the customer in charge of the Virtual SIM (Network authentication keys, PIN codes, etc.)

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What is an RSP Platform?

A Remote SIM Provisioning platform is a complex software architecture that manages, in a safe and reliable way, the generation of eSIM Profiles from the Profile Template, the secure storage of each eSIM Profile, the management of the status of each eSIM Profile (allocated, available, released, installed, enabled, disabled, deleted), download to the target eUICC.

Mercuriust® RSP Architecture

Core funtionalities of Mercurius® - RSP Platform

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Data preparation

Creation of Profile Packages (which include IMSI, Ki, OPC, ICCID ...) from the Profile Description provided by the operator. It can be done through offline or real-time batch processes.

Mercurius® Profile Iventory Icon

Profile inventory

Safe storage of the generated profiles, through elliptic curve encryption (ECC). Lifecycle management of each profile, from its creation (available) to its association with a specific eUICC (released).

Mercurius® Profile Download Icon

Profile download

The download of the Profile Packages available on the platform, in Over-the-air (OTA) or Over-the-internet (OTI) mode.

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Profile management

Management of status update operations of a downloaded profile on an eUICC (installed, enabled, disabled, deleted) and of the profile metadata (policy rules, connectivity parameters, other metadata).

Other features

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M2M (Machine to Machine)

Management of the profiles' Data Preparation processes through the SM-DP module. Secure Routing for downloading profiles to eUICC installed on the M2M devices using the SM -SR module.

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Management of the Data Preparation processes of the profiles and download of the same through the SM-DP + module on eUICC installed within users' devices.

Mercurius® Stock Control Icon

Stock Control

Storage management of profiles with consumption reports by profile type, by device type (IMEI / TAC), by date. Alerting mechanisms for checking the availability thresholds of platform profiles.

Mercurius® Reporting Icon


Transaction history with relative details of every single operation performed on eUICC.

Mercurius RSP is equipped with an integrated monitoring dashboard.

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Standards used in the RSP platform

We implement the most advanced standards to guarantee our RSP platform maximum interoperability with smart cards (SIM, eSIM)

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  • SGP.01 - Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture
  • SGP.21 - RSP Architecture
  • SGP.22 - RSP Technical Specification
  • SGP.23 - RSP Test Specification
  • SIMalliance - eUICC Profile Package: Interoperable Format Technical Specification

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