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Manage the entire device fleet, optimize the release of new features and applications, improve the user experience of subscribers.

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Mercurius® P4M - Device Management Platform

Mercurius® - P4M (Platform 4 Machine) provides a simple and flexible solution for device management regardless of the connection type or the functions of the devices themselves. It is a unified (Client & Server), scalable, and solid solution that allows service providers to manage devices such as corporate smartphones, branded smartphones, set-top boxes, and much more. P4M is the easiest Movenda solution to integrate, customize, and use.

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On-premises solution

- AWS;
- Microsoft AZURE;
- Google Cloud Platform;

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OS Support

- Android 6 and later;
- AndroidTV 8 and later;

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- TLS 1.x;
- Mutual Authentication

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The modular architecture offers maximum scalability and high performance.

Mercuriust® P4M Architecture

Mercurius® P4M Architecture

Core functionalities of Mercurius® - P4M

Mercurius® P4M - Provisioning and bootstrap

Provisioning and bootstrap

Mercurius® P4M allows you to provision the device on the platform and configure it for device management.

Mercurius® P4M - Firmware Upgrade

Firmware upgrade

Mercurius® P4M allows you to update the device's firmware.

Mercurius® P4M - Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Mercurius® P4M simplifies the management of the device's functions, such as enabling or disabling Bluetooth.

Mercurius® P4M - Software management and update

Software management and update

With Mercurius® P4M it is possible to install and uninstall applications on the device, for example when you want to update a specific system app.

Mercurius® P4M - Log retrieve

Log retrieve

Mercurius® P4M provides the "logs recovery" functionality from the device, useful for the analysis of problems reported by customers.

Mercurius® P4M - Reboot


Mercurius® P4M allows you to remotely reboot the device, for example when a problem has been solved and you want to apply the solution correctly.

Mercurius® P4M - Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

Mercurius® P4M is able to manage campaigns of operations and offers the possibility of applying filters to operate only on certain devices.

Mercurius® P4M - Report


The advanced reporting of Mercurius® P4M guarantees the possibility of applying filters for the recovery of certain information.

Mercurius® P4M - Application inventory

Application inventory

Mercurius® P4M inventory the proprietary applications installed on each device.

Mercurius® P4M - Process management

Process management

Mercurius® P4M remotely manages the active processes on the device.

Mercurius® P4M - Auto sync

Auto sync

Mercurius® P4M provides auto-synchronization of the device with the platform.

Mercurius® P4M - Cache cleaning

Cache cleaning

With Mercurius® P4M it is possible to clean the device cache to solve possible problems and lighten the operating system.

Mercurius P4M is equipped with an integrated management dashboard.

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Standards used in the Device Management platform

We implement the most advanced standards to guarantee our P4M platform maximum interoperability

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  • OMA DM 1.2
  • TR069

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