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Movenda VerID

VerID is designed to make users' life easier in the digital world. Once retrieved and verified, electronic document data (CIE and Electronic Passport) can be used through our plug-and-play solution in different scenarios, such as user onboarding in case of new activations.

In combination with Movenda Egomet FIDO® authenticator, VerID allows you to enhance the security of web services by consistently associating the user's digital identity with his personal information contained in electronic documents.

How it works

In three simple steps, the user can recover his data from the CIE (Electronic Identity Card) and the Electronic Passport.

  • 1

    Scanning the electronic document

    Through the smartphone's camera, the user frames and acquires the Machine Readable Zone code (MRZ) on their electronic document. Thanks to this code VerID generates the key to communicate with the document chip.

  • 2

    Retrieving data

    The user approaches the smartphone to the electronic document and VerID - through NFC technology - retrieves the data stored in the electronic document chip.

  • 3

    Authenticity Verification

    VerID verifies that the information on the document was signed with the certificate of the public body that issued the document, thus ensuring its authenticity.

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From a technological
point of view

Country Certificates & Document Authenticity

The information stored in electronic documents is digitally signed by the issuing country through asymmetric encryption (public and private key). You can prove the document authenticity only if the document is signed with a private key corresponding to the Country Signer Certificate Authority (CSCA).

Read Personal Info

Guaranteed personal information such as first name, last name, date of birth, and nationality are stored in electronic documents. All the information we find in the electronic document has been provided by the country that issued the document, based on rigorous verification processes.
The use of personal information retrieved from the electronic document is also a great advantage as the user can handle the data to fill out forms, thus improving the user experience, increasing the user's onboarding speed, and avoiding errors in manual data entry.
Also, the high-resolution photo can be recovered and used. To prevent possible fraud, the photo, and all personal information in the electronic document are digitally signed and cannot be edited.

OCR of the MRZ

All the electronic documents (Electronic Passports and CIEs) are protected from unauthorized access via a security mechanism that can be unlocked only using the information present in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). Our solution enables users to scan the MRZ code simply using the camera of their smartphone, thus avoiding the difficulty of manually entering the data.

Smartphones with NFC

Users can retrieve information from electronic documents just using the device camera and the NFC, now supported almost universally by smartphones. After reading the MRZ code, the user brings their electronic document closer to the smartphone and VerID generates access key to the document chip and begins to recover personal data.

VerID identity documents NFC scan
VerID passport scan
VerID scans identity documents and can be used in financial scenarios
VerID passport scan
VerID scans identity documents and can be used in healthcare scenarios

Where VerID can be applied

These are some use cases

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