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What is
Mobile Connect?

Mobile Connect is an identity service that makes the authentication, authorization and verification of users' identity in a simple, secure and universal way. Egomet Mobile Connect supports two-factor authentication: a mobile device associated with a mobile phone number via SIM ("something I have") and a PIN ("something I know") or a fingerprint ("something I am").

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Mobile Connect securely matches the end-user to his phone number, allowing him to confirm his identity online and authorize transactions. During these operations, only the personal data essential for the completion of the procedure are being shared, preserving this way, a full respect of users' privacy and security.



The Mobile Connect product portfolio is provided through the Mobile Connect API, using the OpenID Connect standard. The Service Provider app calls the API to request the desired functionality from an operator, such as authorizing a transaction or authenticating a user. The operator engages with the end-user to fulfill the request and provide a response back to the application.



The Mobile Connect API’s unique federated architecture works seamlessly with multiple operators across the globe.



GSMA's Mobile Connect allows consumers to create and manage a universal digital identity. In this way, the difficulty of remembering username and password is overcome, by simply using your mobile phone number combined with a mobile device and a single PIN.

Movenda MCX (Mobile Connect Accelerator) services

What is a Mobile Connect Accelerator?

Mobile Connect Accelerator (MCX) is a cloud-based service, designed to help operators implement the Mobile Connect in the easiest and fastest way. The service automates the integration process and ensures that operators do not have to devote time and resources to independently research for compliant platforms.

What is the role of Movenda in the MCX program?

Movenda is one of the nine GSMA worldwide certified MCXs and aims to help MNOs grow in the Mobile Connect market.
It guarantees a solution compliant with the description of the MCX service published by GSMA.

Movenda MCX Partner Program
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Core components of the MCX service

Identity Gateway

Service provider registration

Participation in global detection and federation between operators through integration with the Exchange API

User registration and self-service web portal

Integrate with your existing web and mobile apps

Egomet Mobile Connect MCX

Speaking about security

To establish the highest levels of trust and security Movenda Mobile Connect can be integrated with with devices equiped biometric systems, for example our biometric authentication system Egomet FIDO®

Integration flow
Android SDK
FIDO SIM Coming soon

Free SDK

Complete OS-based integration guide.

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Movenda MCX service

Egomet Mobile Connect offers authentication and authorization mechanisms that are simple and integrable on a global level

Based on GSMA standards

Based on CPAS Mobile Connect documents

SIM based solution

7-12 KB, LoA2/LoA3, OATH OCRA/3DES/AES created for eIDAS & NORAM (SMS-MO via HTTPS)

Mobile SDK

Movenda Mobile Connect comes with an iOS and Android SDK.

FIDO Authentication

It ensures a higher level of security and faster user experience using biometrics


Cloud solutions managed and hosted within Movenda

Support team

Movenda MCX is supplied with a support service made up of Mobile Connect experts

Movenda Mobile Connect Accelerator features
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