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Based on open standards from the FIDO Alliance, Movenda FIDO Egosystem Authentication enables the switch from dangerous password-only logins to secure and quick login experiences across websites and apps. Its dynamic user experience makes the authentication process easier and faster.

How FIDO works
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Let's modernize authentication

Combining both usability and security features our solutions will allow end-users to digitally authenticate and authorize transactions, using the convenience of a mobile device.

Movenda FIDO Egosystem provides for a range of authentication methods

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Is a security system that verifies a user's identity by requiring multiple credentials. Rather than just asking for a username and password, MFA requires one or two additional credentials (authentication factors). It is often implemented within single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

Passwordless authentication (strong single factor)

Is a verification process that determines whether someone is really who they say they are without requiring the person to manually mark a string of characters. It allows to easily authenticate or unlock user credentials scanning fingerprint or face on a mobile device.

Biometric authentication and transaction

Beyond passwords: Movenda FIDO Egosystem protects sensitive operations using biometrics thus reducing the need to memorize and type passwords. Simpler, stronger, more reliable.

More secure

Abate phishing damages, data breach risks, and other common attacks dangers. Movenda FIDO Egosystem ensures public key infrastructure (PKI), elimination of server-side secrets, on-device-only verification of biometrics and no linkability between services or accounts.

PSD2 Compliant

Movenda FIDO Egosystem implements a secure, user-friendly way for European payments industry to meet PSD2 (Payments Service Directive 2) requirements. Grant your organization strong authentication of user logins and cryptographically signed transactions — while also matching organizational and consumer demand for transaction facility.


Movenda FIDO Egosystem works with the technology people are already handling every day. More than two-thirds of consumers declare they're comfortable using biometric authentication on their smartphones. Enjoyable user experience means more site visitors, brand affinity, employee productivity.


GDPR defines biometrics as ‘sensitive personal data' and it is shifting towards storing such data exclusively in a secure part of the chipset on the consumer's device, where they can be securely leveraged as part of the biometric authentication workflow.
Thanks to Movenda FIDO Egosystem's authentication methods, entities can now leverage biometric authentication while avoiding the liability associated with having to collect, control, or process the data themselves. Be fully compliant with regulations about data security, biometrics, consent, and individual rights!


eIDAS builds the legal basis for cross-border interoperability of electronic identification, authentication, and electronic signatures amongst the EU Member States. Using FIDO2 standards Movenda FIDO Egosystem provides modern authentication protocols fully complying with eIDAS schemes. Our Egosystem is the perfect solution for governmental agencies interested in using FIDO2 as part of an eIDAS notified eID scheme and Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) involved in deploying eIDAS remote signing services.

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81% violations results from weak and predefined passwords

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Up to 51% of passwords are reused

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Users have more than 90 online accounts

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